And that's why you're single mate...

>>  Friday, January 18, 2013

I love reading the 'seeking' column in our local paper.  I entertain myself boxing people off and creating an image of who they might be from a few lines:

Andrew, for example, looks unimportant.

 I read this as difficult to live with cheap skate.
 Looking for a lady with her own hair?! Shallow.
 Well, you can't say male 51 isn't honest.  I promise you this was in our paper last Saturday.
This board was on top of a canal barge near the locks.
 "I want a lady in my life to share my life and boat. It cheap to live and lots off fun. Fed up bieng on my own. Take a gamble. Lifes to short. Mike. 58"

Whilst it touches the grammar nerves, I thought it was quite sweet.

But this week Dave won my vote.  Sounds like a pucker guy.


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