London Eye at Night

>>  Wednesday, December 05, 2012

This week's Gallery is colour. Which is good because this weekend we were fortunate enough to be on the London Eye in the evening.  I was amazed at how we rocked up to the ticket desk at 7pm, there was only a small queue of 4 people.  We bought tickets, queued for 15 minutes and walked on.  Amazing luck of the crowd draw I think.

The red lights on the metal was beautiful.

Glowing gold in places.

The red blocks in the distance were our match.
But there was a lot of blue light happening too around the gold.  I love the movement captured on the carousel here.
Ice Blue.
On a clear cold night, the lights of the city looked lovely.
I struggled with choosing a sharper red circle...
Or the blurred colour of movement.

It was a lovely treat to be on there with wonderful friends.


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