Cooking Fat and the Christmas Wrap

>>  Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This week's Gallery is 'It's starting to look a lot like Christmas'

Like many, I started the Christmas wrap this weekend.

Do you see the fat cat top right.
She loves helping
"I can pick the bows"
"That wasn't supposed to happen"
"need ribbon? I got ribbon"
"am I in the way?"
And in came the kitten: "What? What's happening?  I lurrrrve crinkle-jingle-let me at it"
"Balls, I love balls, and boxes and ribbons and"
But like toddlers, they can't play nicely for long. A cat scrap where I'm trying to wrap can lead only to one thing:

Two little kittens, one stormy night,
Began to quarrel, and then to fight;
One had a mouse and the other had none,
And that's the way the quarrel begun.

"I'll have that mouse," said the biggest cat,
"You'll have that mouse? We'll see about that!"
"I will have that mouse," said the eldest son;
"You shan't have that mouse," said the little one.

I told you before 't was a stormy night
When these two little kittens began to fight;
The old (Kelloggsville is not old!) woman seized her sweeping broom,
And swept the two kittens right out of the room.

The ground was covered with frost and snow,
And the two little kittens had nowhere to go.
So they laid them down on the mat at the door
While the old (I've told you already, not old!) woman finished sweeping the floor.

Then they crept in, as quiet as mice,
All wet with snow and as cold as ice;
For they found it was better, that stormy night,
To lie down and sleep than to quarrel and fight.


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