Losing Credence

>>  Monday, November 26, 2012

I had a text message from school telling me that the girls in COGs year were self piercing and that parents should talk to them about it.  I dutifully did.

I mentioned blood poisoning, pain, risk of sharing needles, risk of pemanent injury, death etc I'm convinced this is all white noise to teenagers, I'm just not sure they totally get the concept of high risk.  They can repeat it verbatim but it's like it's only skin deep, they don't really get it the way a 40 year old does.  I guess this is what keeps the world vibrant and active and not like a copy of People's Friend.

So I tried tactic 2... "look if you're going to do it, sterilise the needle, use lots and lots of ice because it will hurt like hell and be prepared to have lots of blood.  Oooo, ooooo and if you sterilise the needle in a flame you'll probably burn your fingers."  Yes, that seemed to hit closer to home, something immediate she could relate to.

On a winning streak I threw in the old devils advocate that currently still works, "to be honest love, I'm not really bothered what you want piercing and it's so cheap these days you may as well get it done professionally for each one, do you want me to book an appointment?"  I know this approach will bite me back one day but for now it's still like suggesting she eat cockroaches whenever I say something is a cool idea and we should go get it done.

Ready to pull in a victory for parenthood I went quiet.

"yes, love"
"didn't you pierce your own ears?"

Not sure whether that makes it totally uncool or whether I just lost all credibility.

"Sometimes my love, I'm amazed I lived to adulthood, I'd prefer it if your chances are slightly greater than mine were.  I think you are smarter than me."


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