Girl's Top Ten Puberty Questions

>>  Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing up and puberty is a difficult time and I think that no matter how great your relationship is with your daughter some questions are difficult for them to ask and for a parent to hear and answer.

As a mum I struggle now to remember what it was like so many years ago, it must seem like an impossible minefield for a single parenting father.

The answers to questions like "How old will my daughter be when she starts her period?", "What products should I advise her to use?" "My daughter's first period has lasted 6 weeks, is this normal?"  are a real help.

But these questions are the ones that teen girls are asking the most, have a look at the answers, they are aimed at helping parents answer the questions that most bother our daughters without them actually having to ask.

The top question is "Only one of my boobs is growing, is there something wrong with me?", have a look at the others.

I did a post before on books I have found very good in helping girls to prepare for puberty and periods.  Which is worth a look.

And I still think the Lil-lets teen starter range and starter pack is a brilliant way to introduce young girls to handling periods.  It's no use giving them adult products.  Some of you as old as me will also remember the brick in your pants feeling as you struggled on with the same type of towel as your mother used.  Leaving you uncomfortable and feeling like the world knew you had your period.

It doesn't have to be like that any more, the teen products are made for a younger, smaller body.

The Lil-lets teen starter pack is available to buy and I think it is a great way to introduce sanitary products to young girls.

*I received a free lil-lets teen kit as a prompt for this post, but I have to say I am absolutely earnest about my enthusiasm for how helpful it is as this important stage of a girl's development.


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