You can't bring me down

>>  Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This week's Gallery is fitness.

I have always exercised, long after I left school I carried on playing hockey for a ladies team.  I then moved onto a running track at a local stadium.  When I moved further away from the city, I started step aerobics locally, then circuit training.  I've always been active and finally went back to running as the one thing that always lifted me come rain or shine.

I was running everyday regardless of the weather.

And then my back injury struck.  I've carried on walking my running routes in good weather and walking on the treadmill in bad.    Walking has kept my general fitness levels up but it's not the same.
I am finally starting to feel improvement with my back again and I've started trying to run again.  No doubt it's far too soon, I have no self control at all, I desperately want to feel good again.  The endorphin rush of a good run is a high I love.



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