Stuck Boats and Gossamer Thread

>>  Monday, October 08, 2012

I had a lovely walk, there is a bend in the canal where you can see right down the tunnel.  I've never been on the bend before when a boat has been coming through it.  I waited and waited for it to come out but it's a long tunnel. I gave up waiting.

I also waited and waited for a group of day trippers to turn this boat around in a very narrow part of the canal.  It was worth watching, it was a hilarious attempt and one fell in!

The undisturbed fields farther away from civilisation had spider threads strewn across them. 

It was like walking across a delicate silver carpet.
In places, even the bright sun couldn't hide the autumnal feeling.
I am always careful to use the styles.  Although this time I wondered if it was more polite to walk around it to save them on later maintenance.
The way ahead was quite clear.
But a backward glance was beautiful.
See the silver field in the centre, that's more spiders webs.

Too soon again, I was nearly home.


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