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>>  Friday, September 28, 2012

No, I'm not in a crowd of Romans wearing a striped shirt.

I am doing a Parenting Teenagers course, I'll tell you all about it when I'm finished it.

I am trying to (re)do part of my Adult Leaders Qualification because I have changed sections and if you move, you have to retrain and prove you are capable.  Guiders are not just mums entertaining children, we have a full program, method of delivery, standards and rules. These are all common but change as the ages of the girls change and we must be fully up to date and able to deliver the program and be able to develop the girls we are responsible for.  So I have a bit of work to do on that right now too.

I am starting to plan our international trip to Europe next summer...did I mention I volunteered to travel around Europe with teenagers I don't know for my summer hols next year, and pay for the privilege! 

I have our County Leader's meal this weekend and the Big Gig in Sheffield next weekend.

I do this on top of working full time and running the family....

.....sooooooo, I think I am saying that the writing might be a little light on the page for a while because I am a busy Betty-Boo doing the do  earworm for you!

I'll leave you with my current favourite photos from one of our recent camps:

I call this 'spot the Ranger'.  There really isn't much to put between Senior Section and Rainbows.

COG ran her own craft table for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.  I was impressed.
This craft she found funniest though, the little rainbows kept prodding her saying "'scuse me, 'scuse me".  Bless.


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