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>>  Monday, September 24, 2012

Well she's gone again, A tour of the trenches around Ypres and the Somme this time.  As usual it was a silly-o-clock start which meant I had no sleep up to 3:45am for worrying that I wouldn't wake up and then none afterwards as a went back to my bed with a cup of tea at 5:30 for fear that I would be late for work.  After the usual chaotic long day at work and now seemingly obligatory calls at home, I am exhausted and must now go out to Rangers.

Would like the world to stop turning just for a short while.

Being as I didn't have time to get involved in anything else I decided tonight to pull over on the drive home to stop some young lads in the process of throwing things at passing traffic and mainly the part of the game that involved them running into the traffic to retrieve them again to re throw.  I thought I was remarkably polite considering how tired I was and I was really surprised that they stood politely in front of me and looked suitably sheepish. I pointed out that throwing things (which it became immediately apparent were only snaps) at buses was a very stupid thing to do and had they thought about the consequences of a bus accident if they over distracted the driver.  The smaller lad who had been running into the road then declared he wasn't throwing them, only fetching they back.  I told him he was the biggest idiot as no one wanted to see him dead no matter how naughty he was.  And bless him, he still looked totally sheepish and embarrassed, so to finally put the nail in the coffin I correctly guessed their primary school, threw in the name of the headteacher and said I would be telling her tomorrow what they had been doing!  Poor mites look petrified, so I suggested they went to the village green to throw snaps instead of at the cars and they perked up a bit at the thought.  I was so impressed by their respect for me, how they listened to me and how they didn't try to argue or answer back, there is hope for the world and I think their parents are doing something right. I smiled at them as I drove off and they, all 3, looked at me and smiled politely too.  Bless them.   I would love to be a fly on the wall when the head tells them all off in assembly after I call the school tomorrow though!

I'm convinced what this country needs more than anything is a greater percentage of people that care to steer children in the right direction and whilst parents may already doing it well, you can't always be watching them all the time, but I still say it's ok for others to be watching and commenting too.  I know many parents will disagree with me and not want their child lectured by strangers.

Anyhoo, COG will soon be back and I'll be too busy lecturing my own again to be bothering yours!


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