Memories Triggered by Smell

>>  Thursday, September 06, 2012

I was out walking this evening when I was stopped in my tracks by a smell.  It immediately took me back 30 or more years. I was invited out one Saturday evening by a friend and her family.  We went to a country pub, it was those days of parents inside and children outside.  There was a park not far away and I recall me and my friend on the swings going so high I could see over the golden stone walls into back gardens. 

As the golden sun sank, the walls of the pub went a deeper orange and the evening chill started to dampen the air.

I thought it was all just perfect.  I'd never been anywhere like it before,  our family didn't really have the money to be going out like that and it seemed like a different world.  The whole village was so lovely. I couldn't believe we were close to home and not away on holiday. And tonight, as I walked, I suddenly smelt that whole wonderful memory and how fantastic it all felt came back to me again.

Sometimes now when I am out and about I wonder where we were.  I had thought maybe we were in Rutland, but I actually suspect we were either in very South Leicestershire or Northamptonshire.  Both have some of the most beautiful villages and country pubs to match.

I really can't understand why people go to the Cotswolds to fight for parking spaces and crush with the Americans when it is right here in the Welland Valley but without all the fuss and commotion.

Just us, a couple of pubs, some damned fine restaurants and the odd penchant for kicking bottles around...

...actually if you fancy a bit of peace and quiet probably best not come to the Hare Pie Parade.


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