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>>  Friday, September 21, 2012

At Rangers we have been encouraging the girls once a term to talk about their 3 month, 1 year and 5 year goals. It is good for their self development and sits nicely in that section of the Look Wider Programme. They don't necessarily maintain of log of their aspirations, I think it is just good for them to sometimes think in these terms.

CakesPhotosLifeThere is a blog hop from CakePhotosLife about 10 aspirations for the next 10 years.  I think that being as I ask the Rangers to think in this way and recognise why it is a good thing for them, that this would also be a useful exercise for myself, but dang it is hard.  It should start with number 10, the one you think is easiest to achieve, working down to the the one that will take the most work, money or be just plain impossible.

So here we go:

10) Go on an International Trip with Guiding Unless my back gives up again this is going to happen in 2013

9) Do a Residential License.  I've done Pack Holidays for 25 years, I've done Guide Camps and now Ranger camps but I've always shyed away from the actual responsibility of holding a license, It's probably time I took the challenge on

8) Give up caring about blog statistics and simply enjoy sharing when I have time and something worth sharing. I suspect my guiding commitments are about to force my hand with this one, the challenge is accepting that is the reality

7) Lose the extra weight I've gained whilst being less active. Tough one, I've started to enjoy cake rather a lot

6 ) Return my back to full health and start running properly again. I want this so badly, it has that childhood Christmas Eve churn tummy feeling about it.

5) Reduce my work hours Not very likely unless I am made redundant

4) Do something like an educational qualification to boost my ego a bit. Sometimes I think my total lack of formal education shows and I would like to prove that I am intelligent really, but this always seems such a dull way to do it.

3) Go to Africa I have a friend set up ready to do this with me but we need to lose children and husbands first, so the opportunity is likely to be marred by sadness, so in truth I would prefer this to stay a dream.

2) Go on a hot air balloon ride (in Africa!) see number 3

1) Live somewhere that doesn't have a monsoon season but has snow at Christmas I suspect America is on the cards!

Simples.  I wonder how many I'll actually tick off?


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