My school friends are all old (a chance to show a bottom)

>>  Friday, August 03, 2012

As I was walking through the fields yesterday a women walk past and her face really rung a bell.  It took a while but I realised I was at school with her.  My word she looked old.  It gave me a bit of a boost actually because I don't see in my mirror what I saw in her.
I'm still feeling this.
Even if the reality is this.
It most definitely hasn't come to this yet.
And did you know there are people walking around like this. How the hell did she get them on? I think only scissors are getting them off.
I truly love this guy though, always have.  Men so don't have that cellulite issue going on.

Not sure how I wandered from a school friend looking older than she did when I last saw her about 25 years ago, to bottoms but hey ho.  Despite what COG says I know I'm still hanging on in there ok.

Although this is the closest my behind gets to being outed these days.


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