La Question du Jour AKA the French are sore losers

>>  Friday, August 10, 2012

Seen this? :

When the French were asked in a poll if they thought the British were cheating in the cycling, 70% said oui.

Ah bless their blue and white stripey socks!

The French have been questioning the 'hardware', especially the wheels, as the British team have been covering them up a lot.  My guess is that's a habit because it rains all the bloody time here but when the French team questioned our Mavic wheels the British response was

"We have some special wheels because we had made them specially round."

 Yup, the French  have taken it seriously.

But the absolute quote of the day comes from Chris Hoy's father:

"You've got to upset someone. It might as well be the French."

Well in fairness they never really got over Waterloo did they.

If you are really interested in the technology behind the cycling team, this is a good article from the Daily Mail.


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