School Gate Car Mayhem

>>  Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This week's Gallery is Planes, Trains and Automobiles

When COG was at primary school I drove to the side of my village I needed to be on to avoid the school traffic madness to be able to carry onto work later, I used to park at her fathers house and then we walked a fair distance to school.  I then encouraged her to lone walk from a fairly young age (summer term year 4). I say 'lone' because that's what the school register it as, she walked with friends always.  At the beginning I was worried, of course, in fact I walked to school myself a different way a number of times and hid round a corner, I saw them go into the school gates and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Mainly because the people that drive and park at the school gates make it so damned dangerous for those trying to get there any other way. It's an ever decreasing circle. 

But at least by the time she was going to High School on the buses she was thoroughly independent and I had no worries.    I have only taken her or picked her up from High School once or twice in 2 years and I think most parents around here are the same.  So it's a real pain in the backside when the buses don't bring them home because they've been on a school trip.

A school that's geared up for school bus transport suddenly has to swallow 300 students being picked up. 
The school is right on the end of another village so the roads are not clogged up with business traffic but it's still a bit of a bun fight.

And you still get the idiots that have to park as close to the gates as possible even when it means that the trip buses can't get in and out of the school because of them.
The little darlings will not die if they have to walk an extra 500 yards, nor will you.


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