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>>  Saturday, July 28, 2012

...or a good reason to get out.

In my permanent quest to get Rangers engaged, I've stumbled across these town and city treasure hunts.  I have one to do for Cambridge and I was going to wait until I'd done it to tell you how great it was and show you lots of clever photos.  I love these types of things and the booklet itself is a good quality for writing in, holding and is clear and easy to understand (here's an example). 

But I've decided to tell you about it before I go because I've booked a day with a friend late in August and these are too good an opportunity to miss sharing with you for your summer days out ahead both at home and away.

We say things like 'lets go to Canterbury' but then aren't sure why or what to do.   I love building architecture and pottering around but if I say to daughter 'look at that' and she just rolls eyes and often refuses to even turn her head in that direction in order to push all my buttons at once. But if a clue to a trail is stashed in there, she's interested.

The colour books are £6.99 + p&p, the black and white ones are cheaper.  So with my Friends and Family rail ticket and a picnic in my backpack we get a cheap day out, we are going to a place with a purpose and engaged as a family doing something together.  This to me works as well as the Geocaching I told you about.

It also means that a plaque like this will be looked at, as it's exactly the sort of thing a treasure hunt would cover.  I spotted it high on a non-descript French building, all the other tourists around didn't see it at all.  That makes it doubly sad.

*This isn't a sponsored post.  It started as a genuine Guiding enquiry, I've blagged the Cambridge booklet but that's a bonus, I'd have written this post regardless as I believe in this type of activity being developmental for children and good for family life.


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