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>>  Sunday, May 20, 2012

I mentioned Geocaching recently, and how important it is not to let 'muggles' know what you are doing...

Let me take you back to sometime in March when I was walking around a lot on my own during week days post op

I spent a lot of time walking this path, and it can sometimes feel a bit isolated, plenty of places for people to hide.  There was a man missing for a long time here around that time and before his body finally turned up I half expected it to be on this route. (It was actually found about 2kms away).

On one afternoon a man suddenly appeared and I couldn't quite work out where he had come from but I didn't like the way he was watching me one little bit.  I've often stood and talked to other men, lone walkers, land agents, farmers but this guy was shifty.

I took my earphones out, stood up straighter, tried to look fitter and more confident.   I said hello as a walked past,  but was aware that he was still watching me as I walked away.  As I got to a bridge I stood on it and looked back, he appeared to be still hiding in the bushes and then I lost sight of him completely again.

I considered calling the Police, I spoke to a number of people about it, after all there had been a flasher around here only a few months back.  In the end I did nothing, I decided to wait and see if I saw him again.

Having looked up my local geocaches I now know exactly why he was so shifty, pushing his way into the hedge and why he was in there for so long. It's a puzzle one that is locked and there is a trick to both working out where it is and then actually opening it.

I have always lived by the premise that 'most people are ok' and occasionally it gets a bit shaken but now I'm rather pleased I didn't send the police off on a wild geocache chase.  I can only imagine what someone will think if they see me sheepishly pushing my way out from behind a bush!


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