Microdiscectomy Recovery Week 15

>>  Saturday, May 26, 2012

I went into the office last week for my meeting with occupational health. I now have a kneeling chair, they have raised my desk an inch or so and put my monitor on a stand and I now have a desk much like my working environment at home.  So 3 days a week for 2 weeks now I have been back at the office (the other 2 I'm still working from home).

I am avoiding the turnstiles by getting security to open up side gates for me and there is one set of doors that I just cannot open, they are too heavy.  I stand at them until someone comes along and then ask them to open them for me.  This was working ok until I left work late one night and no one else was around.  I rang security and got them to come out of their office to open the door for me, they were unimpressed, but hey-ho!

On the whole now there is no difference between working from the office and working from home except that one is full of distractions, so I don't get as much done and I have to drive to get to those distractions which makes me sore before I've even started.  But my managers are much happier with this considerably less efficient arrangement and happy managers make for a pay slip.

I am continuing to feel a lot better though. I have not yet had a day without pain, but I have had days where the pain was mild enough for me to start thinking about the idea of a pain free day.  I have also had a couple of stiff, sore, horrid days.  But the good days are still outweighing the bad.

I have definitely had to up the ante being back at the office. I now rush around in the mornings and after work.  No more lying down to rests.  That time is swallowed by driving. I'm also not able to do things like prepare the evening meal in my lunch hour so I'm doing that the night before too.  I'd almost forgotten how manic my 40 hour week, plus travelling, plus Brownies, plus Rangers, plus cook, cleaner and bottle washer was.  HWMBO has not adjusted to the busier me and appears to still think I can do it all.  Why do men put out the rubbish and expect a bloody medal but expect the wife to be able to juggle 20 balls and not even get noticed that she's doing it?

DEspite being busier I am still walking as often as I can and the lighter nights make it easier.  I'm trying to do at least 20km a week in 3km to 5km chunks. 

On most days I have had a sore lower back, pain in the side of my bad leg and the usual dull leg 'toothache'.  On the bad days I can add to this: calf and butt pain and an irritating gnawing side of the lower leg pain.  But my leg does feel more like it belongs to my body, slightly lighter perhaps is the only way to describe it.  On a pain scale I'll put a good day at a 3 and a bad day at a 6, but that 6 has probably lasted for not so long as it might have before.

I'm still using the ice pack a lot in the day and always whilst I am driving, as this particularly makes me sore, but I've only taken paracetamol a few times.

I'm still trying to take care with weights and bending but it is getting harder as people seem to be expecting more from me and I think maybe I'm expecting more from myself too.

I have a few really busy weeks ahead with one extra specially hard day coming up with Guiding, I'm worried about it, but if I make it through it will be very worthwhile.  I'll keep you posted.


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