Stand out in the crowd

>>  Sunday, April 08, 2012

Soooo it's Easter.  Will you be joining the minority and worshipping the most important event in the Christian calendar or will you be treating it like a normal Bank Holiday and joining these masses:

Here is what really matters today:

Jesus taught us love, humility and understanding matter.

Like the people in Walmart (I hope I'm forgiven for this analogy) Jesus also stood out in the crowd, he didn't fit in, he stood up for what he knew to be right, not what would make him popular.

Standing up and saying "I believe" these days is hard, I believe that love, humility and understanding will make us all much happier.

Even if you aren't throwing yourself into organised religion this Easter take the message with you and stop to think WWJD occasionally - just think what we could all achieve if we truly cared about each other.

Be blessed all.


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