The secret to children sleeping at sleepovers

>>  Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This week's Gallery theme is Action. How lucky was I that it was our Brownie Pack Holiday weekend.  Pack Holiday is generally non stop action, including much of the night. But leaders need their sleep, even if little Brownies think we don't. We have found the perfect answer to a good nights sleep:

It starts by telling them that it is a race.

That there are points to be won.

That it's ok if they get very very dirty.

And don't forget to place one answer to the quiz in every corner of the field.
Aaaaand Brownies sleep for 8 solid hours!

Guiders do not require the additional activities to do the same, the go-karting, climbing wall and night hike was more than enough for them! 
These 3 all bent over to adjust the go-kart seats at exactly the same time, syncronized seat adjusting!
And before you ask, I did none of them, I was very good and simply supervised, it's a difficult job but somebody has to do it!


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