Rapeseed misery begins

>>  Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in January I mentioned that the fields appeared to have rapeseed in them. I was wrong.  It was charlock.  Charlock is a weed that belongs to the brassica family the same as rapeseed but it's just a pain in the derriere for arable farmers. The fact that it was flowering in January was still a bit out of season, but hey-ho.

But this in the field today is definitely Rapeseed (brassica napus).

It is an insect pollinated plant rather than wind so it's not likely to be the pollen that causes my nose to stream.

Apparently it's the volatile oils that cause my intense headaches.  Today there was just a promise in the air of what is to come!

I took this on the 22nd April last year. Around here there will be acres and acres of bright yellow fields, beautiful to see but gosh, I'm always glad when it finally gets harvested.


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