I remembered why I blog

>>  Friday, April 13, 2012

I little while back I was feeling a bit disillusioned by the blogger awards and I've watched a few blogger circle in fights that left me wondering why I am here. 

I like reading your blogs, I get a great pleasure from the bonds that form with people, I love the diary of sorts, the emptying of my mind but mainly I like messing around with the code.

Yes, my template has changed get again!  It gives me an opportunity to play around with photos, fiddle with html, think about colours, readability, a bit of java (very little!).  Backups, downloads, uploads, fiddle, fiddle some more, backup, try this, look at that, how does another site do it, do I want to do that, can I do that.

When I'm doing that I don't give a monkey's about the readership, the audience, the stats, the ranking, the anything else really. I just like tinkering.  It's like a motorbike stripped down on the kitchen table.

I've got 8 blogs and most of them are private and in general states of disrepair, I mostly don't think about them at all but sometimes I just get the need to stop writing, roll up my sleeves and get the spanner and oil rag out. 

If you don't like the new look I'm more than happy for you to tell me why, it'll give me something to work on.


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