Bless the little Deer

>>  Saturday, April 28, 2012

I didn't sleep over on Pack Holiday this year.

Some of it was about not having to take extra kit (bedding, clothes) for myself, less to carry.   Some of it was about not being out of a 'bend with care' routine when tired, or getting stiffer on a different bed, or even just not having handy no bend shelves at the right height in the shower.  And another part was about allowing other leaders the opportunity to have the full experience (you can thank me later ladies!).

I was worried that I would miss my morning tranquillity.  I love that time early in the morning with a cup of tea, watching the world wake up, seeing the bunnies, pheasants, horses, cows, birds. Listening to the brownies stirring and then padding through to get to the toilets, all wrapped up in fluffy gowns, with bed head and half asleep.

I wanted to be there to help cook breakfast anyway so I got up early and drove back to camp.  I saw (and avoided) a dozen or more rabbits, stopped for 2 pheasants who appeared to own the road and would not move for love nor horn hooting.  And then 2 little deer popped out by the side of the road and watched me drive past. 

And bless those little deer because I found my happy place again and with sheer contentment I arrived at an already alive hut with wide awake girls.  I donned the apron and delivered eggy bread for 23! 

Later, I stood and looked out of the window, watching a buzzard circling the woods whilst I had a cup of tea, a short moment in the manicness for a little serenity.  And those 10 minutes of repose will fill me for weeks.


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