>>  Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This week's Gallery is Colour.

I didn't have a particularly good camera when we were at Ayres Rock 10 years ago, but the colours of it and the whole place were quite special.

It changed colour as you stood and looked at it, it changed colour depending on the time of day, it generally just changed colour!

Some people walked up it, a dangerous activity which the tour guides asked you not to do. It's a bit like a tour bus turning up at your local church and everyone abseiling it before leaving.

There is a great energy there, an incredible feeling that runs in your blood, you can feel it inside.

But whilst there were times of isolation, lets not pretend it is quiet! Tourist's are 'contained' which makes the experience at times, a little underwhelming.

Which is why I liked the Olgas (20 miles from Uluru) so much more.  COG was a wee dot, we borrowed a push chair off the hotel manager's next door neighbour but even in that, the flies and heat floored her.  Whilst our tour party went on a long walk through the Olgas, COG and I sat in the shade of an emergency water station and sang nursery rhymes.  Just us and the massive power of nature, doing what comes naturally to a mother and child.  It is a memory that stirs my heart and will live with me for ever.


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