Google, Cancer and Worry

>>  Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the brief interlude for 2 days last week that my back felt better (just before the re herniation) I went to the dentist. He prodded, poked, and muttered, then prodded, poked and muttered some more, then said I had to go back in a week as I have an odd thing on the floor of my mouth. I chirped up "it doesn't hurt", this apparently is not a good thing.

We have spoken before about the dangers of googling any symptom. But after having had a good poke around in the bathroom mirror with a torch in hand I pootled off to google images to see what I had got.

By the time I'd finished I'd got 3 days to live! As the days have gone on I've watched this mark in my mouth slowly disappear despite my constant poking at it to see if it hurts or not. So having given myself complete heart failure on the return from the dentist, I'm now slightly irritated at having to go back for what must have been a painless blood blister of some sort.

So I say it loudly just one more time....DO NOT GOOGLE MEDICAL SYMPTOMS....perhaps I'll actually start to listen to myself one day soon.



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