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>>  Wednesday, March 07, 2012

This week's Gallery is Light.

Many of us declared at the start of the year that we would make an effort to turn off auto and learn to use our cameras properly. I admit I've been struggling to get motivated but this week I've tried really hard.

Light is a form of energy that can be released by an atom.


It is made up of small particle-like packets that have energy and momentum but no mass. These particles, called light photons, are the most basic units of light
When an atom gains or loses energy, the change is expressed by the movement of electrons.

Atoms release light photons when their electrons become excited.
This is my bedroom energy efficient light bulb and me playing around with the camera, look closely you can see the dust!
 This is the dining room.
I had a fine evening hopping around with the camera, it's the closest my atoms have got to being excited in a while!

Want to know more about how stuff works? And whilst you're in the mood try downloading the free how stuff works podcast I really enjoy them.


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