Microdiscectomy Post-operative Recovery week 2 (days 8 to days 18)

>>  Friday, February 24, 2012

Days 8 to 18 have been a little more disappointing but probably as expected.

I have continued to not use pain killers unless I have been very sore at night and then I've had one or 2 500mg paracetamol.

I have taken my dressing off completely and the wound is just a bit scabby, no itching, not sore so that is good.

I continued to do gentle walks on the treadmill but on day 8 I couldn't hold myself back any longer and went out for a 3k walk in the local fields, on days 9 and 10 this became a 5.5k walk.  Day 11 onwards it became my favourite 6k walk.  I have continued to have residual leg pain, that becomes greater when sitting or standing still.  I've also been doing light house work washing, ironing, sweeping, a very little hoovering. We also had some work men in for a few days and to be quite frank it's all got too much.

I went to the doctors on day 14.  She told me I was doing too much, to slow down, walk less distance and rest more.  I've tried to do this but to be honest I can't tell the difference.  The residual leg pain is the same regardless, the sore back is the same.  Doing nothing, doing a little or doing a lot...nothing seems to change the sore, tired me.  I am now signed off work until day 35, so I still have time but I need to rest and relax more.

I've been reading that smaller walker more frequently is better than one big walk but I do so love getting out into the countryside.  At home I feel trapped.  But more rest it needs to be.

I have read so many accounts from people like myself that tend to push boundaries, want to do a little bit more, exercise to the edge, so many of us seem to be in this back surgery boat and so many of us seem to be struggling with not rushing back to exercise.

I'm only doing a few legs lifts and foot bends no other stretching at all, I'm only walking but I think that must slow down again for a while.

My follow up appointment with the surgeon is on day 23.  I'll post how it goes.

I have created a page of links for my Microdiscectomy posts and other links I have found helpful. You can find it here.



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