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>>  Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This week's Gallery is Landscapes

This is the Pinnacles in Western Australia.

A bizarre place, desert in the bush with odd rocks just standing there.

There are only theories on how it all formed and why.
The scale of it is quite unbelievable in that understated Australian way.  The Americans seem to shout loudly at the scale of their stuff, in Australia it's just the way it is - damned big!

See the large jeep to the left of this shot.
To give you an idea of scale of each rock, here we are.  Some are bigger than this some are smaller but there are lots and lots.

Which allows me to show you my favourite sign ever (again) : the widest definition of the world 'road' I've ever experienced - no mate that's just a line in the sand.

And we did it in a little Nissan family car - none of this posh safari hike for us.
Although I did have marmite sandwiches in the boot, in 40C in the shade (we're guessing 45-50C in the sun - it was 60C in the car) a cup of tea was pushing the British thing just a little too far.

Although for a while I did turn Japanese!


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