'Zat you Santa Claus

>>  Friday, December 16, 2011

I don't relate to the Christmas songs.  Yes I love them, but I just don't relate.

I've never seen my mother kissing Santa Claus nor have I ever been given the opportunity to do so myself.  Is this normal? It pops up in a number of songs.  Do dads actually dress up as Santa and then couples get all romantic about it?  This is not my life.

I have never rocked around a Christmas tree, not even a wobble that I can recall and pumpkin pie is also not going to happen unless I bought one on Halloween and froze it.  You can safely guess I didn't.

"It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid"  You've clearly not met my family.

"All I want for Christmas is...." duuurrr, a phone upgrade, obviously.

"I wish it could be Christmas everyday"  as much as I love a bit of festivity I try to 'do it' every 2 years.  This generally means going away biannually.  We have caught long haul flights on Christmas day in order to avoid it on either side of the globe.  Biannually yes, everyday nope.

"December will be magic again"  maaaaaybe, just possibly, but "dropping down in my parachute" it won't be.  Does anyone know WTF that one is about?

Despite having never been to New York I can completely relate to "Happy Christmas your arse, pray God it's our last"*

But this one is my current favourite, enjoy:

*well for 2 years anyhow


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