>>  Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Build long bridges Brownies. Build strong bridges Guides.

With arches of bright laughter, with beams and smiles besides

With chains of loving kindness, with girders of true aid,

Build these bridges, Girl Guides and let them well be made!

For bridges are much needed in a world that's big and wide

And there's no one like a Brownie and there's no one like a Guide
To span the gulf of loneliness with a word or two of cheer,

And a handshake that says plainly, "You've got a sister standing there."

There's a bridge that leads to beauty and a bridge that leads to truth,
And it's a Girl Guide's sacred duty to build them in her youth.

The world will be fairer, for those bridges beneath the sun,

For Happiness will use them, reaching out to everyone.

For the Gallery, but mainly for my wonderful Guiding friends.  I love you all dearly.


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