Burst the Child's Bubble

>>  Saturday, November 05, 2011

This is part of an article in Awake - October 2011 :

"Parents of infants are kept quite busy responding to their newborns everyday needs.  Baby cries, and someone is there to feed him.  Baby cries, and someone is there to change him.  Baby cries and ...

It is natural then that a baby believes he is at the centre of the universe and that adults, in particular, parents- exit solely to do his bidding....Remember that has been the baby's reality.  In his view, he is the monarch of the empire populated by big people who were put here to serve him...

It takes just short of two years to create this fantastic impression; it takes sixteen more years to correct it.  And that paradoxically, is a parents job: cause their child to believe in this fantasy, then burst - albeit gently - the child's bubble"
Ironically it came to my attention the day after I had publicly yelled at my daughter "This world does not revolve and you, you are not the centre of the bloody universe and the sooner you realise it the easier it will be for all of us"

I'm not sure that's entirely what they meant when they said "albeit gently", but hey-ho subtlety was never my middle name and Job Done!

Problem is that cheeky imp is the centre of my universe and she knows it!


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