Water, water....nowhere

>>  Saturday, October 01, 2011

You see the picture at the top of my blog?  That's a water close to my home.  Where they are stood in that photo is about where COG is stood in this one. 
I took this picture in 2006. I thought the water was a long way down then with the trees then on the water's edge having exposed roots.
 The tree, whilst it has had a chance to grow, is now 100 yards away from the water.  It's no wonder the wildlife are struggling.

I love this picture taken on that day in 2006.  We went to the water after work to watch the sun go down.  Happy husband, happy child chattering away to each other.

Not quite the same feeling of oneness today!
There are water restrictions on the canals, the reservoirs like this one are struggling.  I am hoping for a very wet winter ahead.


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