Shouldn't that be hurting or bleeding?

>>  Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do you know that moment when time stands still as you look at your hand and think:

"there's a knife in there, shouldn't that be hurting or bleeding"

Top Tips:

When cutting the outside off a pumpkin whilst talking to child with the largest, sharpest knife you have....look at the knife not the child.

At the point when the blood starts to spurt....move hand away from cooking

Do not under any circumstances use the most versatile word in the English language to describe to child the pain....I'm just relieved she didn't respond with use number 22.

You cannot open a plaster tin with only one hand.  You cannot cut steri-strips with one hand.  You cannot peel a plaster with one hand...You can look a complete idiot trying to do all 3.

Alcohol relieves pain better than calpol...but don't tell the child.


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