Intravenous Gin

>>  Sunday, September 25, 2011

COG was festering in front of Disney XD again.

"Honey, being as you have no homework you should do some of those Maths Boosters, it will save you cramming before the exam"
"Good idea, I will do one"
"that would probably involve turning the TV off"
"yes, I am"
"that would mean actually turning the TV off"
"yes, I'm doing it"
"Will you be turning the TV off soon, like now"
"yes, absolutely"
"turn the TV off"
"yes, I will"

I went for a walk, TV still flickering Disney drivel.  I did, however, come home to too many questions about fractions so win:lose.  Marginally better than lose:lose.

Intravenous Gin is surely the only way to serenity whilst teen-raising.


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