Listen for the Echos. Past, Present, Future

>>  Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This weeks Gallery topic is Birth.

As I am away having a great time with thousands of other Guides and Scouts, I thought it would be apt to give you the birth of Guiding at the 1990 Crystal Palace Scout rally.  A group of girls gate crashed. 'First they were afraid, they were petrified ' but they quickly realised that Gloria Gaynor was not going to wash and by quickly switching to Aretha they convinced BP that the 'Sisters could do it for themselves' and did! (This may not be the actual version of events so if you're here on a school project I suggest you go read somewhere else, go on, shoo!)

There is a maze at Crystal Palace now dedicated to 100 years of Guiding.  I was surprised by how much being there affected me.

This is the centre stone 'pause here a while, listen for the echos,  past, present, future, follow in their footsteps'.

There's not much left of that most incredible place.  But I felt like we were sat in the echos of those brave girls who saw the future for us.


I met this lady at our Centenary Launch, this was her original uniform.

I am in awe.

I hope I pave a future for some girls somewhere in my Guiding quest.

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