Back to back with no sunbed in sight

>>  Friday, August 12, 2011

You might remember my back went a while back.  My GP diagnosed sacroiliac joint dysfunction, absolute classic case (apparently). I started treatment under an osteopath.  And for a while I was coping, the pain was manageable, I'd even started to run again.

Just before Charnwood2011 my right leg decided it didn't want to be part of my body family any longer and ceased to work and during Charnwood my back also decided it had had enough of life and was going to let me know about it. 

This is where private medical insurance is worth it's weight in gold.  Monday doctors, Tuesday consultant, Wednesday MRI scan, Thursday consultant.  I have a slipped disk, classic case (apparently!).  Although this time I have seen the images, the leakage, the trapped nerve and felt a massive sense of relief that I have this amount of pain for a reason.  I am also rather miffed that I suffered 2 months of pain to get to this point.

I know I am lucky, I went back to the GP today and he said I would be waiting a long time on the NHS for the scan alone.  Whereas I am already booked in for a 'root block under x-ray' next week.

But I am still being given contradictory advice.  The consultant says no exercise until it is fixed, gentle walking only. No more back stretches, no osteopath.  The GP says get exercising and get mobile as soon as possible, the more you do the better it will get.  The private health back expert says no exercise but do the stretches and continue to see the Osteopath. 
The Osteopath? She told me to go back to the GP and get a scan, she wasn't happy about it not mending and had told me all the way through to stop exercising.

So I'm stood (can't sit) looking forlornly at my birthday present treadmill, wondering whether it will become the worlds most expensive clothes airer.

I expect my blogging may be less frequent for a while as sitting at the pc is very hard but I'll have the time as I was told to cancel my holiday, wish me luck on the insurance claim debacle that is bound to follow!

I'd be more upset about it if I hadn't spent last week living the dream (even if in pain) in a field at Charnwood 2011.  And as Scarlet would say "tomorrow is another day"

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