A Great Guide Camp

>>  Sunday, June 05, 2011

Did you want to ask how Guide Camp went?

I watched a mist creeping across a field like water rising.  Awesome sight.
I played wide games in a pitch black wood that finished up with me lying in a hollow under an ivy bush with screaming Guides thundering past unable to find me.  In the end I gave myself up as even I was getting spooked!

Camp fire was fantasic and I got to do my new party piece "Hello my name is Joe" which went down well.
I learnt to cook outdoors, I love camp porridge and I earned the name '3 bowls Kelloggsville' because of the amount I packed away!

I pitched tents, I built fires, I had to wait for a kettle to boil longer than I enjoyed, I got cold feet and my bed was rather uncomfortable but I had the best time ever and I'm rather hoping I get invited back next year.

Oh and for the Brownie Guiders reading, it was so much easier than Pack Holiday, the Guides do so much themselves, I'm thinking of defecting!

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