The Comfortable Side of a Relationship

>>  Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do you remember when you made an effort for each other?  I had a friend who used to get up before her boyfriend was awake to put a face of make up on.  I think there is a point when you give up on that sort of thing but it bothered me recently when I caught myself 'doing my legs' because I was off to London with the Guiders and someone might see them, not because HWMBO would!

So what are the signs that you've hit that stage in the relationship?

You shave your legs and pits because you are going out with the girls.

Matching underwear is a thing of the past, but you'll make an effort if you do go out together. You'll be uncomfortable all night and then he won't notice anyway!

You'll happily continue to discuss anything from the other side of the loo door, regardless of the noises from the other side.


Heck, sometimes the door isn't a barrier!

It takes a day and a half to realise you haven't actually bothered to text home whilst away.

You both sit up reading in bed.

Haemorrhoid cream is written on the shopping list without a flinch (sic).

Booking a weekend away is most unlikely to involve your significant other.

You are considering separate holidays without it being a concern.

I think I have one foot in this camp but I'm not quite there yet. I am known (and I'm only telling you this if you promise not to mention it to HWMBO) to put a skirted suit on in the mornings (he likes those!) and change into trousers after he's gone to work (I work in a 99% male office where they say 'wo-man' like cavemen at the first sign of femininity.)

So some effort on my part still exists, but I do see that, if not quite Wayne and Waynetta, a certain amount of 'too comfortable' has set in.

Time to kick us into touch I think.

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