Guiding Recharge

>>  Monday, May 09, 2011

 I've been and had my Guiding batteries recharged. I go into the garage once a year for this purpose.

We leaders go together, we train, we share ideas, we network, we have an inordinate amount of fun and as there are no under 18s, we also have the opportunity to have an inordinate amount of alcohol too!

Each year I go, a little jaded and wondering how long I can carry on doing this Guiding malarkey.  Do I really want to turn up again and again to support children that aren't mine, often with demanding parents that think it is 'a right', do I really want to keep on giving up my time, energy and often money for this?

Each year I come back thoroughly charged, reminded of exactly why I want to do it, how much fun it is and what an incredible bunch of women all 100,000 of us adult leaders are.

We give girls and young women a voice.  We give them wings and they fly.  And I get the biggest buzz there is watching them take off.

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