Don't pay the ferryman

>>  Thursday, May 05, 2011

Something has been bothering me...

RTFM muted the possibility that the Inland Revenue may (or may not be) compared to the Grammer Nazis when it comes to ensuring they don't make life easy for us.

This left me pondering about the nice (I'm guessing there are some) people that work there.

Think about their payslip... They get paid then immediately have to give the money straight back. When I see the frightening amount of tax I pay it makes me sigh but if I was paying it straight back to employer that would for sure be worse.

Imagine: "here's your banking bonus now give it us back" GARRR.
So for the workers at the coal face I have this juxtaposition of pity and hate. Hate's an awfully strong word isn't it but then so is Nazi.

At least I know my tax won't be wasted by this government on health care or libraries or education. After all the Big Society can cover that, my taxes are paying for hotel search missions in Libya and the largest security operation mounted in a generation. Phew!

Whilst wandering around the web tonight I stumbled on this. Interesting concept:

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