You got the best of me...

>>  Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Notes is asking in the I ♥ Me series this week  "What is your best blog post from the last year?"

This is related to the MADS nominations, which I am very proud to say I have been nominated for.  It was a lovely thing to do and I really appreciate it.

If my stats are to be believed then this is my best post :
But I suspect that is because the photos are so very incredible and I take no credit.

In truth I think this is my best post, it is short but moving :

But for Notes' purpose neither of those would make a keynote speech, so I reluctantly pick my post about my infertility:

But I want to give you something that is the crux of me and my blog, so if I were you I would skip the other links and have a laugh here: and

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