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>>  Thursday, April 21, 2011

Notes is asking in the I ♥ Me series this week  "Is there something you love that you would like to do more of just for you?"

The obvious answer is sleep.

I've always needed a lot of sleep and it's been proven to be genetic not a 'failing'.

I might be able to manage on less sleep than I need but it is a state of existance and managing, not a comfortable place to be.

HWMBO needs considerably less sleep than me so it can cause problems.  Quite often I am nagging him to come to bed, if I fall asleep and he wakes me when he comes up then I just can't get off again.  But really we are both night owls, if I'm not asleep by 11pm then I will happily stay up until midnight or beyond but regret it the next day.

I have to be on-call for work and getting up in the night to work makes me very tired, it's the same as getting up to look after a baby but harder to a certain extent because you can't be half asleep, you have to wake your brain up and be instantly alert to deal with the problem.  This means I often struggle to get back to sleep.

If I don't get at least 7 hours solid then I really start to struggle.  I get teary and find myself unable to cope with stress so well.  I struggle to manage logical problems at work.  The physical symptoms are the hardest though, I tend to go dizzy.  The room may move, my desk feels like it is sliding or as I finally lay down to sleep the room starts to spin.  It's like being drunk but without any of the bravado benefits!

My daughter is already showing signs of carrying the 'need extra sleep' gene but maybe she is just making up for all the hours she didn't get as a baby.  I am quite ashamed to say we now struggle to be up in time for the Sunday morning 10:30 service, and I given up beating myself up about it.  We need our sleep!

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