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>>  Monday, April 18, 2011

I recently discovered the wonder fall world of spell checker in Blogger postings.

This has of coarse saved me endless amounts of thyme as eye know longer knead two proof reed my posts.  It is making my posting experience a hole lot less hassle.

I decided too share this with you sew you to can also have a more immediate and reel time feel two you're postings.                    

Once you have written your post simply clique on the abc button and blogs pot will tell you if you have any miss takes.  If you don't have any yellow boxes then everything is fine and you can just publish you're post immediately.

A grate egg sample of this is if you type "misspelt" and click abc, it will be highlighted yellow.  Click on the yellow box and Blogger will tell you how two spell it properly. It quickly becomes the correct "miss pelt".

Brilliant tool don't ewe think?

If you want to bee doubly sure you are on the write whirred track try the homophone machine.  It's heaps of fun.

I plan to dew a regular technical up date four you awl from now on.  If you have any tails to share please let me no and you can deep end on me to publish them for you.

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