The 'just don't eat it' diet

>>  Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm probably in for a flaming but this annoyed me so much today. 

Surgeons are talking about giving people weight loss surgery on the NHS because it will save more money in the long run than the costs of the side affects of obesity. 

Well I don't think it's fair.

I worked hard to lose 5 stone and I work hard everyday to keep it off.  As I drag myself out into the pouring rain to run the same route again and again one of the few things that keeps me at it is the thought that this is the difference between me now and that fat women.
I was listening to a man this morning saying that surgery was the only way he lost weight, he had tried everything else.  My uncharitable thought was "no mate, you didn't try the just don't eat it diet and the bugger me this is hard work exercise regime"

They aren't easy and it is a relentless battle.  If only I'd have known I could have continued to enjoy a bag of donuts a day (yes, some days I would eat 6 donuts) and just tell the NHS later "I really tried".

I'm sure my sympathy for these people will return and no doubt as soon as I have an illness or injury that means I can't maintain my lifestyle, I will start to gain weight again but today, just today, I want to scream......"just don't eat it"


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