Guns replace Bikes

>>  Saturday, April 02, 2011

You may recall the bizarrely abandoned bicycle from a run last weekend.  I was back that way again today.  I stopped to see if it had gone, to find it had been replaced by a man who pointed his shotgun at me.  Nice!

Suffice to say, I didn't hang around to take a photo. 

What is it with farmers and their wish to stop people wandering all over their property.  How very dare they!  (This time I was actually on a path that belongs to British waterways.)

I may have mentioned last year about a farmer in a tractor racing me to place an enormous hay bale across the path I was walking on before I got there. Well the same BarSteward raced me again today, this time to plough across the gate he knew I was headed to (again on a right of way).

You have no idea how stressful this rural life can get sometimes. Honestly, I had to breath in the fresh air and survey the beautiful land whilst listening to the birds singing for a good 30 seconds before feeling totally tranquil again!

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