Eaten Alive

>>  Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down under you know all about the sharks, and you are probably well aware of the spiders and the crocs.  But my mortal enemy is the Mosquito.
Whilst playing crazy golf (something we must do with HWMBO on holiday if only for a quiet life) I was bitten 14 times.  I react really badly to them, big red sores that often turn into monsoon blisters and usually end up in me taking a course of antibiotics.
Agent Pleakley’s relationship with them has nothing on me. 
This restaurant had a cooling system that sprayed a mist of water all around the edge, it cooled and brought in even more mosquitoes, but only to me.  HWMBO and daughter weren't bitten once! 

Well now the weather has warmed up here at home too and the Creek/Brook/Mosquito Luuuurv Shak at the bottom of my garden has been really helping those little blighters into an early breeding frenzy.  I think I may be needing a transfusion soon the amount they are taking out of me.

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