You simply must Darling....

>>  Sunday, March 06, 2011

How do you deal with a "You simply must daaaarling"? I can't deal with them at all. They wind me up extraordinarily so.

Whilst discussing plans for our leaders sojourn to Centre Parcs, on saying I hadn't done something before a lady said "oh you just HAVE to do that, we always do that, you simply MUST".

The problem is it annoys me so much, instead of taking what should be helpful advice, I stone wall it with a flat "must I".

I just see it as annoying general one-upmanship. I hate one-upmanship and public own trumpet blowing. Some people seem to do both constantly. If I came back from the Amazon and mentioned my trip someone would say "but did you not hand feed the water buffalo, it was heaven, if you go again you simply must do it darling"


The annoyance factor does ultimately stem from me being so competitive but rarely winning anything. It's a constant battle in my life. Time to get back to Desiderata 'There will ways be greater and lesser persons than you; comparison may render you conceited and bitter'.

Bitter?! Me? Never! I know my place

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