Playing with our Childrens minds?

>>  Thursday, March 03, 2011

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NotSupermum commented on this photo recently, and today GirlGuidingUK has launched a new tool for girls aged 12-16.

It is the latest initiative in GirlGuiding UK’s ongoing commitment to promote body confidence in today’s girls and young women.

Did you know that over 1 in 10 girls aged 11-16 and 48 per cent of young women aged 16-21 would consider cosmetic surgery. Why?!  They are already beautiful, it's just that they forget to notice some days.  Growing up is hard and this media circus world is making it harder.  Skeletal cat walk models and photo air brushing create constant peer pressure.

Go have a look at the tool and encourage your teens to do the same.

Problems with body image isn't just a girl one, boys suffer too.  But probably more silently.

A while back I did my first  post on playing with our childrens minds. I feel very strongly about this.  If you don't have time to go look at it, have a look at these 2 videos which I showed then as well.

Growing up is hard, and chilidren are influenced by unrealistic pictures. These pictures can destroy the confidence which should be helping girls blossom into tomorrow’s leading women.

It's time to tell them the truth, let them know what is fiction and what is real.

Do our children stand any chance of learning to love themselves?  Young girls should not be worrying about plastic surgery, let's re-educate them, together.

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