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>>  Monday, February 14, 2011

I've been tagged by NotSupermum to share 7 things you didn't realise you needed to know about me. The meme demands that I pay NotSupermum a compliment, so I will tell you this is a woman who is completely anonymous to me and yet I know I like her very very much and I would travel to where ever the hell she lives to help her out if I could.  I can also tell you she had the best blog post title ever "My week in Retrospect or My Ex-Husband is a Git"  Oh how I can relate, and how I wish I'd thought of that one!

So sticking with todays loved up theme I have decided to share 7 things all Valentiney with you BUT only one of them is true...you can choose which one:

Many years ago an old boyfriend secretly booked me some time off work, turned up there and took me out for a long romantic afternoon date.

I bought myself a dishwasher as a Valentines present.  Better than a man, it washes the dishes without being asked and it only needs a good seeing to once a year.

A bouquet of flowers arrived by courier at work today when I wasn't there.  I hadn't told HWMBO that I was working from home!

My most romantic Valentines day was spent meandering around Paris and we danced in each others arms in the evening.

I didn't get a Valentines card from anyone other than my mother until I was 23.

My most romantic Valentines day was spent cleaning out a pig shed...you really had to be there to understand how love can blossom in the most unusual circumstances.

I believe my Ozzy bloke's is the most romantic man that walked the earth and ....bwahahahaha no one's going to believe that one...yes I know the stubby had flowers in it dear, I love you too!

Happy Valentines Day peeps.

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