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>>  Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This weeks Gallery is 'Children'.

Publishing photos of children is a sticky issue to many, but actually taking photos of them can be harder.

I was taking photos in a quiet hotel pool of HWMBO and daughter having a fabulous time when a swimming instructor who had been giving lessons in a completely different area stormed up and rudely demanded I stop immediately.  Clearly I look more like a pervert than a mother wishing to 'capture a moment'.  A conversation ensued about hotel policy, privacy laws and child protection.  She told me that everybody knows you can't take photos at swimming pools. Remarkably I stayed very calm whilst she yelled at me (leaving her pupils to drown).

I spoke to the hotel manager later in the day and asked him to show the No Photography signs or the hotel's written policy.  Of course there were neither, he was very apologetic and very understanding.  I think it's a sad thing when people immediately get suspicious of a camera.  As you can see from these uncropped pictures I had no interest in anybody else. 

If I really wanted to look at other kids in swimwear I would probably save myself the bother of snapping and go here or here, how very dare they!

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