Life of a Single Man

>>  Sunday, January 30, 2011

As I filled the hand soap in the downstairs loo, a few thoughts crossed my mind:

Does a single man:

Only realise there is no loo roll after he is sat down

Fill the soap after it is empty (if which case how does he wash his hands before doing it?!)

Clamber through a sea of empty loo roll tubes

Realise there is nothing in the fridge

Run out of clean shirts

Change the bed sheets when they speak to him

I know a woman notices things before a man and that's why she so often does those jobs, the ones he doesn't even realise get done

but does a single man ever actually notice, does he ever clean the fluff out of the dryer?!!!!!

So how many men does it take to bin an empty loo roll? Nobody knows, it's never been done!

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